Managing UK REACH Compliance in Your Supply Chain

The reality of Brexit, and the new responsibilities for exporters to downstream customers in the UK and in the EU, creates new complexity and risk concerning products exported to Great Britain. Please join William Hawkins, Managing Toxicologist, of the UK office of SafeBridge, and James Eggenschwiler, Principal Consultant for Global Trade and Chemical Regulations Services, in their discussion of current and developing issues as the October 28, 2021 DUIN (Downstream User Import Notification) submittal deadline fast approaches.

These and other topics will be discussed:

  • What must I do by the October 28 deadline?
  • What must I do if I miss the deadline?
  • As an exporter, how do I manage confidential product information and downstream UK customer compliance needs triggered by export to Great Britain?
  • How much will registration cost?
  • How long will I have before I am required to register substances in the UK?
  • Are there strategies available to reduce my need to register in the UK?
  • May I consolidate my EU REACH and UK REACH compliance with a single Only Representative (OR)?

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Oct 06, 2021 -- Online
11:00 AM Eastern time