Potent Compound Safety Boot Camp for the Environmental Health and Safety Professional (Remote Version)

This course meets for 4 hours/day for 6 days over two weeks. It includes topics on pharmaceutical potent compound safety, taught by the leading industry experts in potent compound safety, and is designed for EHS and related professionals who need to understand the critical concepts of evaluating and safely handling pharmaceutical compounds. The intensive curriculum focuses on evaluation of compound potency and toxicity, sampling and monitoring protocols, control technologies, and effective investigation and communication approaches. Advanced topics covered build on the concepts covered over the first 4 sessions, with a focus on case studies and problem solving to address potent compound safety issues in discovery, development, contract manufacturing, and commercialization. It leverages a systematic approach to successfully support drug R&D and manufacturing operations.

This remote training will meet on June 7th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 16th, and 18th from 12:00 to 16:00 (EST) on each of the six days. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How compound potency and toxicity are evaluated
  • How to establish targets for monitoring methods and conduct monitoring studies
  • How to systematically approach the safe handling of research compounds and “unknowns”
  • Elements of a comprehensive health and safety program for the safe handling of potent pharmaceuticals
  • Data availability throughout drug development
  • Containment and control, and handling guidelines at each scale of operation
  • Managing potent compound safety in an outsourcing paradigm
  • Who Should Attend

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical plant environmental health and safety professionals
  • Pharmaceutical RD safety coordinators
  • Facility and process engineers
  • Industrial hygienists
  • Safety professionals
  • Environmental engineers
  • Pharmaceutical quality control and quality assurance personnel
  • Plant managers
  • About the Instructors

    Your instructors will be board-certified health professionals in industrial hygiene and toxicology with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The presentations and materials cover pharmaceutical industrial hygiene (IH), occupational toxicology, environmental toxicology, IH analytical chemistry, risk communication and elements of safety management. The Boot Camp I course is eligible for 13 technical contact hours, 1.3 CEUs.



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