Complimentary Webinar: Intro to Antimicrobials: Evaluation and Regulation in the US and Europe

The SafeBridge Regulatory and Life Sciences Group has developed a new 1 hour Complimentary Webinar.  The demand for safe, effective, and antimicrobial products for use on surfaces and hands has been steady and constant for many years.  But the emergence of a global pandemic has driven up demand for these products dramatically.  Shortages in hard surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers has put strains on supply chains at all levels and many companies are looking to make new products to meet the demand or expand claims(“kills 99.9% of germs,” for example) on existing products. Both hard surface disinfectant and hand sanitizer products are highly regulated.  There are strict requirements that apply to the manufacture, packaging, labeling, and distribution of such products, which can only happen after regulatory agency reviews of the products to determine that they are safe and effective.

Who Should attend?

The course is intended for professionals at companies with interests in entering the antimicrobial markets using recognized antimicrobial agents and/or with new or improved products.  Chemists, marketing professionals, and management who want a better understanding of what is required to gain access to US and EU markets for antimicrobial-based products that make health claims will benefit from this introductory webinar.  

KeithA. Hostetler, PhD, is a Senior Managing Toxicologist with Trinity Consultants. Since beginning his career in the food industry with training in pharmacology and toxicology, Keith spent the next 20 years in various roles in human health and safety and environmental affairs in the specialty chemicals industry.  Most of that time has been devoted to product safety and regulatory support of multiple antimicrobial chemistries utilized as drugs, preservatives, and active ingredients in a wide range of professional and consumer products.  He has supported clients in US- and EU-based antimicrobial and biocide businesses dealing with human hazard and risk assessments, exposure assessments and interactions with regulatory authorities for the past 10 years.

Note: Recording the training course is strictly prohibited.

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