Industrial Hygiene Exposure Modeling

Predicting what worker exposures will be to chemicals and particles can be invaluable for many reasons, such as to estimate (1) exposures that happened in the past; (2) anticipated exposures during design and planning phases; (3) exposure where no quantitative method exists or are difficult to measure; or (4) peak exposures, to name just a few. Although it is difficult to model these exposures precisely, modeling tools are a proven technique to improve the ability of the industrial hygienist to identify exposure scenarios that may exceed health-based exposure limits. This course will teach the fundamental concepts of modeling worker exposure and demonstrate the use of the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s IHMOD freeware. Opportunities for class participation and hand-on exercises will be provided. A laptop with Microsoft Excel software is recommended.



Course topics

  • AIHA IHMOD Modeling Tool
  • Well-Mixed Room Models
    • Constant Emission Rate
    • Backpressure
    • Exponentially Decreasing Emission Rate
  • Contaminant Generation Rate from Small Spills
  • Two-Zone Models
    • Constant Emission
    • Decreasing Emission
  • Introduction to Eddy Diffusion and Plume Models
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    Nov 11, 2020 -- New Orleans, LA
    1:00 PM