Advanced Industrial Hygiene Data Analysis

This advanced half-day course teaches the practical application of statistical concepts and techniques to industrial hygiene data. Previous industrial hygiene experience and some previous statistics coursework is helpful (such as our Understanding Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment and Data Analysis course). The potentially complex concepts are described and practiced in a manner to equip the student with the knowledge and confidence to apply the skills that are learned. Traditional, as well as innovative, approaches are discussed with opportunities for class participation and hand-on exercises. A laptop with Microsoft Excel software is recommended



Course topics

  • Application and Limitations of Statistical Tools
  • Data Interpretation Rules and Techniques
  • Lognormal Parametric Statistics
  • Dealing with Limits of Quantitation and Censored Data
  • Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
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    Nov 11, 2020 -- New Orleans, LA
    8:00 AM