• ToxicologyRisk Assessment and Communication- evaluate occupational and environmental health risks from manufacturing and research operations, communicate risks to management, regulatory agencies, community, and employees
  • Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs)- develop scientifically valid "safe" limits for worker exposure to chemical substances and intermediates
  • Occupational Health Categorization and Banding– Categorize active pharmaceutical ingredients for occupational health purposes based on toxicity and potency according to established criteria; provide recommended handling practices for these compounds for laboratory, Pilot Plant and production settings
  • Testing- identify and manage toxicity testing needs of products and key intermediates to assure employee and environmental protection and regulatory compliance
  • Technical Support- evaluate toxicity of chemicals and potential for health effects, pharmaceutical cleaning limits, personal injury litigation support, worker's compensation assistance, product safety, Proposition 65 compliance
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)- develop MSDSs on products and key intermediates for employee and environmental protection and regulatory compliance

Toxicology Projects

  • Developed a soluble nickel risk assessment for a medical device client
  • Established OELs for over 100 pharmaceuticals for several dozen clients
  • Established safe handling guidelines for over 100 pharmaceuticals for several dozen clients using an industry-based categorization system
  • Investigated an outbreak of occupational disease in a client laboratory for a major environmental consulting firm:
    • Identified routes of exposure and disease timelines
    • Identified causative agents through selection and management of in vivo and in vitro toxicity testing
    • Established safety entry and cleanup procedures for the contaminated laboratory
    • Developed health based criteria for safe reentry of the laboratory
  • Evaluated the toxicity of a potent alkylating agent (including development of an Occupational Exposure Limit) for biopharmaceutical company