Environmental Health & Safety Program Support

EHS Program SupportRisk Management of Products, Processes and Facilities

  • Risk assessment of facilities
  • Evaluation of products and processes
  • Recommendations and technical support to manage risks in R&D and manufacturing

Risk Assessment Services

Auditing and Corrective Action Plans

  • Conduct regulatory and risk-based audits
  • Develop corrective action plans

Third Party and Toll Manufacturer Assessment and Support

  • Evaluate safety, health and environmental aspects of contract manufacturers
  • Assist contract manufacturers in assessing risks of in-coming products


Environmental Health and Safety Program Support Projects

  • Provided training to management and employees of a biopharmaceutical research, development and clinical manufacturing facility on business issues and practical implementation of approaches to safely handling potent compounds.
  • Evaluated safety and health management systems, including reviewing and developing standard operating procedures and practices for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer.
  • Routinely evaluate and categorize in-coming products for contract manufacturers based on toxicity and potency of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Performed assessments of the state of current health and safety programs and develop corresponding recommendations on compliance and areas for improvement for several biotechnology companies.
  • Assessed the need and subsequently completed a wastewater permit application for a biotechnology company.