Analytical Laboratory Services

Analytical Methods Development

The SafeBridge laboratory has developed or modified analytical methods to help our clients meet their workplace air monitoring requirements. Our methods achieve high sensitivity and high recovery rate through the proper choice of filter media and extracting procedures as well as the optimization of air sampling parameters.

The methods are validated with respect to analytical detection limits, precision and accuracy. Data on the stability of compounds relative to airflow volume and storage conditions are contained in these methods.

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Industrial Hygiene Sample Analysis

Our Laboratory routinely processes samples that contain biologically active pharmaceuticals such as steroids, peptide hormones, and cytotoxic compounds. SafeBridge utilizes HPLC, RIA, and ELISA technique. The occupational exposure limits specified by the manufacturer are commonly in the range of ng/m3 and therefore require highly sensitive analytical methods. The quantitation limit of several assays is picograms per filter and is therefore a very powerful tool for air monitoring applications.

Procedure for Sample Submission
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Analytical Laboratory Project Experience

  • Provide technical assistance for developing a sensitive analytical method for industrial hygiene air monitoring for a third party pharmaceutical manufacturing company.
  • Develop and validate sensitive analytical methods to meet workplace air monitoring requirements for numerous clients.
  • Analyze IH air monitoring samples that contain biologically active pharmaceuticals such as steroids and peptide hormones for several clients in the US and internationally.
  • Develop surrogate monitoring techniques and perform air monitoring surveys to predict the performance of controls for a biotechnology company.