Updates from the SafeBridge Analytical Laboratory

April 02, 2018

New Technological Capabilities:
Sciex API 4000 Triple Quad LC/MS/MS with a UHPLC system utilizing Electron Spray Ionization or Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization.
SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. is pleased to announce that we can offer improved service to our Pharmaceutical partners through the addition of a Sciex API 4000 Triple Quad LC/MS/MS with a UHPLC system to our State of the Art Laboratory.
The LC/MS/MS is able to give increased analytical specificity, sensitivity and quicker analytical run times.  This technology is important as the need for more sensitive analytical methods increases to keep pace with the development of potent compounds.  Adding LC/MS/MS to our existing ELISA, HPLC and Surrogate platforms makes SafeBridge one of a kind in servicing the Pharmaceutical EH&S Community.    LC/MS/MS is also a great tool for USP 800 surface testing and for analysis of potent opiates. 


Key advantages of LC/MS/MS:
Selectivity: Co-eluting peaks can be separated by mass selectivity which allows for quicker run times because chromatographic separation is not a constraint.  Selectivity is based upon MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring).  MRM allows the measurement of multiple SRM (Selected Reaction Monitoring).
Sensitivity: Up to 1000 fold improvement in sensitivity over UV detection.  Coupled with a UHPLC the sensitivity improvement is even greater.
Method Development: Allows analysis of several analogues (several analytes) in one run.  LC/MS/MS can shorten the samples analysis time. 
Molecular weight information: Available through triple quad LC/MS/MS
Peak Assignment: Fragment mapping can be established for the material being measured which ensures correct peak identification.


How LC/MS/MS works:
There are three main components:

  1. Ion Source (generates ions)

  2. Mass Analzyzer (filters ions)

  3. Detector (detects ions)


    During analysis, peaks elute from the LC column are transferred to the ion source. The ion source generates charged ions and removes the mobile phase.  The charged ions are then extracted and transferred to the mass analyzer.  Ions are then filtered by the quadrupole mass analyzer according to their mass-to charge ratio (m/z).  The ions are then moved to the detector for detection and quantitation.


EH&S Methods:

SafeBridge now has the ability to develop and analyze large molecules through ELISA, small potent molecules with OELs <10 g/m3 by LC/MS/MS and small molecules with OELs > 10 mg/m3 by HPLC using either UV-Vis, Fluorescence or Electrochemical Detection.

Please contact Kent Rader, Manager of Analytical Laboratory Business Development, to check on method availability and to discuss your specific EH&S project. 

Kent Rader
Manager, Analytical Laboratory Business Development
SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.
1924 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
Tel: (650) 961-4820 x238
Mobile:  (650) 237-9969
Email: kent.rader@safebridge.com


New Technical Laboratory Personnel Added
SafeBridge Consultants, Inc. is pleased to introduce our newest Analytical Staff members, Shalini Burra, M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Sarah Lee, Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Ms. Burra has 5 years of experience in method development and analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients using HPLC and LC/MS.  Dr. Lee has over 9 years of experience with Mass Spectroscopy method development for small and large molecules including working for Bayer Healthcare and Johnson and Johnson.  Dr. Lee has authored and co-authored 10 publications in bioanalytical method development, cardiology and cancer research.


Ms. Burra can be contacted at: shalini.burra@safebridge.com
Dr. Lee can be contacted at sarah.lee@safebridge.com


Additionally, Kent Rader, B.S. in Chemistry, has joined the SafeBridge staff as Manager of Analytical Laboratory Business Development.  Mr. Rader has 20 years of EH&S Laboratory experience in pharmaceutical method development and analysis, pharmaceutical exposure assessment strategies, analysis of laboratory data and quality assurance.  In his role, Mr. Rader acts as the liaison between our customers and the laboratory including project management and technical resource. 


Mr. Rader can be contacted at kent.rader@safebridge.com


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