Toxicology and Regulatory Services (TRS) Joins SafeBridge

January 30, 2018

Toxicology and Regulatory Services (TRS) Joins SafeBridge

Through the acquisition of TRS by our parent company, Trinity Consultants, the resources of both companies are now available to the benefit of our clients. TRS is led by Andrey Nikiforov, PhD (Scientific Director) and Elliott Graham, RQAP-GLP (Director of Operations and QA Consultant). Their staff are experts in the specialized fields of toxicology, Good Clinical and Laboratory Practices (GCP and GLP, respectively), quality assurance, product stewardship, and U.S. and global regulatory approvals of food additives and biocides. 
TRS will continue to operate out of its current office in Charlottesville, Virginia, expanding the physical footprint of SafeBridge's existing offices in Mountain View, California; New York City, New York; Easton and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Raleigh, North Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; Toronto, Ontario; and London and Liverpool, England. Robert Sussman, Ph.D., DABT, Co-Managing Director of SafeBridge, will lead Trinity's combined life science resources in the Eastern US and Europe.
Commenting on the transaction, Dr. Sussman said, “Combining TRS and SafeBridge is a wonderful opportunity to provide a broader range of services to the life sciences market. Our complimentary skill sets will create the preeminent toxicology service provider to the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, biocide, food, beverage, and flavoring industries.”
Dr. Nikiforov further noted, “Joining forces with SafeBridge is an ideal next step in the evolution of TRS. It provides our clients with enhanced access to additional resources, complimentary areas of expertise, as well as increased career opportunities for our staff.”

Background on TRS
Founded in 1991 in Charlottesville, Virginia, TRS will continue to support clients with regulatory objectives by interfacing with authorities and preparing dossiers for global biocide, pesticide, food additive, and cosmetic ingredient approvals. It also provides consulting services in Good Clinical Practices and Good Laboratory Practices as the standards, regulations, and principles that apply to the full range of studies required for registrations. TRS has further expertise in safety evaluation for food ingredients and risk assessment for biocidal active substances; designing, placing, and monitoring testing programs; and in evaluating existing and new data for mammalian toxicology, mutagenicity, environmental fate and effects, product chemistry, and residue studies.

Background on Trinity Consultants/SafeBridge Consultants
Founded in 1974 in Dallas, Texas, Trinity operates in locations across the U.S., and in Canada, the U.K., China, and the Middle East, assisting organizations with EHS regulatory compliance. In 2012, Trinity acquired SafeBridge Consultants, a consulting firm that assists life sciences companies with occupational health and toxicology risk management decisions. SafeBridge, led by co-Managing Directors Robert Sussman and Allan Ader, is well-known for its expertise in potent compound safety which is provided through a combination of toxicology and industrial hygiene consulting, health-based risk assessment,  training, certification, and analytical laboratory services.

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