SafeBridge Announces TWO New Courses

April 14, 2017

SafeBridge Consultants: Industrial Hygiene in the Pharmaceutical Industry

   July 11-12, 2017, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

  SafeBridge has developed a new 1.5 day course to provide health and safety professionals from a range of disciplines with the tools necessary to conduct, implement and manage an industrial hygiene program in the research, development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug products.

The agenda will include the following:    

  • Interpreting information received from toxicologists and clinicians and appropriately applying to recognition of hazards
  • Interpretation of Safety Data Sheet, Occupational Health Categorization and banding, Occupational Exposure Limits, and Acceptable Surface Limits documentation 
  • Evaluating exposure potential for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and chemical operations
      • Qualitative
      • Quantitative     
  • Industrial hygiene analytical chemistry for APIs (air and surface methods) 
  • Applying method sensitivity to field data collection 

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    SafeBridge Consultants: Understanding Potent Compound Safety – A Primer for Non-EHS Professionals

    July 13, 2017, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

    Primer on Potent Compound Safety Course:  This 1-day course will be provide the important aspects needed to understand Potent Compound Safety for the business and management roles related to R&D and manufacturing of potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug products.

    The agenda will include the following:

    1. Introduction to potent compounds – Definitions
    2. Information needed to assess potent compounds
    3. Elements of a potent compound safety program
    4. Business advantages of comprehensive potent compound safety programs


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