Online Access to Industrial Hygiene Analytical Services

March 23, 2016

SafeBridge Consultants, Inc., (SafeBridge) the premier resource to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in potent compound safety and product safety support, announces the online availability of air and surface sample analysis capability for over 170 pharmaceutical active ingredients and related compounds from our Mountain View, California laboratory.

Our American Industrial Hygiene Association - Laboratory Accreditation Program (AIHA-LAP) accredited laboratory is an industry leader in the development of HPLC and ELISA methods for potent and non-potent active pharmaceutical ingredients and related chemicals. The laboratory achieves high sensitivity and high recovery rate through the optimization and validation of air and surface sampling media, parameters, and extraction procedures. Over 300 methods have been developed by the laboratory in the past 18 years, with more than 170 non-proprietary methods now available online to all of our clients for submission of air and surface samples to our laboratory. This list includes methods for enzymes, steroid hormones, anti-cancer agents, antibody drug conjugates, and surrogate materials used in containment performance testing (lactose, mannitol and naproxen sodium).

To find an analyte of interest, visit and search by chemical name or CAS number. If you have questions or the analyte is not listed, please contact us at to discuss custom method development and support. The SafeBridge industrial hygiene laboratory, in addition to method development and sample analysis, also conducts studies to assess appropriate cleaning methods and to evaluate glove permeability of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

In addition to our laboratory capabilities, SafeBridge has experienced industrial hygienists to assist in the collection of industrial/occupational hygiene air and surface samples and to assess worker exposure, and has a team of toxicologists to develop Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) and Acceptable Surface Limits (ASLs) for worker protection purposes. Our offices are located in California, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Canada, and United Kingdom. If you would like further information, please contact us at or complete the Contact Us form on our website

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