Procedure for Submittal of Samples to SafeBridge

Sample SubmissionTo allow for efficient and expedited analyses of industrial hygiene samples, please take the following steps:

1. Ensure that all necessary paper work is included.

Wipe Sample Submission Form
Air Sample Submission Form

Fill out and include a sample submission form (attached) for all samples. Include the original (hand-written) submission form and keep a copy for your records. The sample submission form should indicate at the top the full name and location of the person to whom you want results sent and the name and purchase order to whom you want the invoice sent.

In the body of the form, for each sample, include the following information:

  • date sample collected
  • sample medium (e.g., glass fiber filter, Orbo 70 tube)
  • the sample number
  • the substance(s) to be analyzed for
  • the sample volume
  • indicate potentially interfering compounds present in area of sampling

Leave the amount of analyte, concentration of the analyte, and analytical method columns blank.

If different samples are submitted for separate analyses, please fill out a separate sheet for each analyte. The exception is when there is more than one analyte per sample, for example ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone on the same filter; in this case use the same sheet for such samples.

Blanks must also have a sample number and be listed on the form.

2. Ensure that samples are appropriately packaged for shipment.

  • After sampling the samples should be contained in a clean plastic bag or wrapped in foil. Filter cassettes do not have to be individually wrapped. If possible, send filters to be analyzed for different substances in separate plastic bags.
  • Carefully pack samples in a box for shipping. Provide sufficient padding or insulation to assure they will arrive intact.
  • Please ensure that samples are shipped under appropriate storage conditions. For example, some samples must be stored on dry ice, because of the possibility of solvent loss and/or instability and some samples must be stored and shipped wrapped in foil or in another opaque container, because of degradation on exposure to light.

3. Ensure that the shipping container is properly labeled and the shipping papers are filled out per requirements.

  • If the samples are shipped in a flammable solvent, the container must be marked accordingly to indicate flammable liquids are present.
  • Dry ice (carbon dioxide) must be indicated on the label and shipping papers.
  • If samples are shipped from outside the United States, consults your customs broker for their declared value.
  • If samples need to be kept cold, indicate on the label and on the box "refrigerated samples" so that they will be handled appropriately during shipment and receipt.

4. Ship samples as soon as possible after collection (no longer than two weeks) using expedited service, e.g., DHL, Federal Express.

  • For all shipments, label and send to the following address:

    SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.
    Attention: Gail Baer
    1924 Old Middlefield Way
    Mountain View, CA 94043

  • It is critical to notify Gail Baer samples are being sent to the laboratory. Please send an email to or call (650) 961-4820 ext. 223.

In the communication, please indicate the number of samples and substances for which they are to be analyzed. Include the name of the carrier and airbill number, and the date on which the package was shipped.

5. If you have questions or problems, please contact the following individuals:

Administrative/Sample Submission Issues:

Gail Baer 
Phone (650) 961-4820, ext. 223 

Technical Laboratory Analysis Issues: Teresa Bryning
Phone (650) 961-4820, ext. 230
Industrial Hygiene Issues: Allan Ader
Phone (650) 961-4820, ext. 228