Industrial Hygiene Surface Sampling Method Summary

Name(s) of Compound Nafarelin, Nafarelin Acetate
CAS # 86220-42-0
Method Report Number SBM081-R4
Related Document(s) SBM081-R2; SBM081-R3
Analytical Method EIA
Swabbing Media CleanFoam Swabs TX740B, 2 swabs per sample
Swabbing Solution 30% Isopropanol/DI Water
Quantification Limit 0.2 ng/sample
Average Recovery from Stainless Steel – 83.3%
Storage Conditions At least 3 weeks at 2 - 8 °C or ~ -20 °C
Shipping Requirements On ice pack, overnight
Date Issued 08/20/2015

If you wish to submit a sample, please follow the sample submission procedures found at SafeBridge regularly develops new and custom industrial hygiene air and surface sampling methods. For more information, please call (650) 961-4820.

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