Industrial Hygiene Air Sampling Method Summary

Name(s) of Compound Naproxen Sodium
CAS # 26159-34-2
Method Report Number SBM175–LQL-R0
Analytical Method HPLC-FL
Sampling Media 25 mm glass filter 1 micron pore size, support pad in 2-pc polystyrene cassette
25 mm glass filter 1 micron pore size in IOM cassette
Sampling Rate 2 L/min
Recommended Minimum Sampling Volume 45 L
Quantification Limit 0.05 ng/sample
Storage Conditions At least 7 days at ambient temperature
At least 21 days at 2 - 8 °C
Shipping Requirements Ambient temperature
Suggested Air Sampling Filter Handling Techniques
  1. Avoid over-handling of filters as much as possible.
  2. Always handle filters with clean powder-free gloves on in the manufacturing, packaging, laboratory or other processing areas.
  3. Keep all filters in sealed plastic “zip lock” bags and use separate bags for clean and used filters. Never put used filters in the clean filter bag. If filter cassettes are dusty (look at the pump casing for evidence), then wipe off the cassettes after capping before placing the used filters into the plastic bag. Use wipes wetted with water or alcohol depending on the solubility of the product.
  4. Keep filter cassette tips in a separate clean plastic “zip-lock” bag during air monitoring. Reverse tip colors on used filters (red tip on inlet) to distinguish from clean filters (blue tip on inlet). Avoid touching the filter cassette inlet opening and avoid touching the filter cassette tip pointed ends, as much as possible.
  5. For high sensitivity naproxen sodium monitoring, submit a blank to the SafeBridge analytical laboratory that has NOT been opened or had the tips removed.
  6. Put tips on filters after turning pumps off. Avoid carrying filters without tips in place. Collect at least one filter blank for each monitoring period (day or shift whichever is shorter). A filter blank should be a clean filter with the tips reversed (as if a used filter) and placed in each bag with other used filters.
Date Issued 03/31/2010

If you wish to submit a sample, please follow the sample submission procedures found at SafeBridge regularly develops new and custom industrial hygiene air and surface sampling methods. For more information, please call (650) 961-4820.

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